Streamline the Communication between the Call Center, Staff and Providers in your Telemedicine Network

Using TeleMedTrack in Call or Transfer Centers within your Telemedicine program can improve communication workflows between call center staff and on-call providers. All interactions between staff and providers within TeleMedTrack is timestamped and recorded, allowing all activity to be displayed in a "Live" dashboard and accessible in robust reporting.

Alert Messaging

Send Alerts to staff and Providers notifying them of critical situations. Alert events are captured and displayed within application dashboard to view by staff members.

Live Dashboard

Call Center staff view a "live" Dashboard showing all Alert and response activity within the application on a single view.

Recorded Calls

All calls are recorded and available immediately for playback to review for quality purposes.

Group Messaging

Staff and Providers can communicate together within the application to further streamline and centralize communication.

Logging and Timestamps

All communication, calls and activity within the application is logged and timestamped.

Graphical Reporting

Reports on call times, Provider response times, location call volumes and Alerts events can be generated into reports.

TeleMedTrack can improve efficiency and accuracy within Call and Transfer Centers

TeleMedTrack was designed to accommodate large or small telemedicine networks. The software is modular and can scale up or down using modern cloud technologies using all or some of it's features.

Group Messaging and Communication

TeleMedTrack offers a turnkey solution for transfer centers who route calls through their call center and send notifications to Providers and staff.

  • Send Alerts and individual messages to physicians and staff
  • Calls are recorded and immediately available for playback
  • Reporting on call times, provider response times and call volumes

TeleMedTrack helps healthcare Administrators understand the details of their Telemedicine Network

Clinical and Administrative staff can review continuously updated "live" quality data to quantify and report on telemedicine services and the activity within the application.

Graphical Reporting

Reporting on processes and activities within the application are available in graphical and data formats. Avedis will work with organizations to develop custom reports as requested.

Real-time Reporting

With our "always live" data platform, real-time reporting and quality metrics are accessible and displays current up-to-the-minute data about the activity within the telemedicine network.

Logging and Audit Trails

Detailed logging of all activity within the application is implemented throughout the software. Details showing information on Users activity such as data viewed, created, changed or deleted provides audit trails.

Call Volumes and Response Times

TeleMedTrack captures all activity from the call center to providers with access to the data in real-time. Reports can be generated to gain insight into the efficiency of the telemedicine program, staff responsiveness and overall processes.

  • Call volume totals for hospitals and overall network
  • Response Time average for providers and network
  • Patient Arrival Times
  • Graphical reporting of network activity and trends
  • Detailed logging of all activity with audit trails

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