TeleMedTrack Helps Healthcare Administrators Understand the Details of their Telemedicine Network

Clinical and Administrative staff can review continuously updated "live" quality data to quantify and report on telemedicine services and the activity within the application.

Real-time Reporting

With our "always live" data platform, real-time reporting and quality metrics are accessible and displays current up-to-the-minute data about the activity within the telemedicine network.

Graphical Reporting

Reporting on processes and activities within the application are available in graphical and data formats. We will work with organizations to develop custom reports specific to your organization.

Important Quality Metrics

Reports on tPA treatments, Door to Needle, Door to CT, Door to Consult, patient transfer numbers and many other quality metrics are available and accessible for Providers.

Logging and Audit Trails

Detailed logging of all activity within the application is implemented throughout the software. Details showing information on Users activity such as data viewed, created, changed or deleted provides audit trails.

Recorded Calls

All calls between Provider and call or transfer center are recorded and available immediately for playback and review.

Important Quality Metrics Are Always Available

TeleMedTrack expands a typical patient consult form and adds additional data collection points for the provider to enter during the documentation process. The expanded data sets allows reporting to be extracted from the collected data to provide important quality improvement metrics specific to the network.

Door to Needle Time

Calculated from the Patient Arrival Time and Treatment Time the Providers record into their consult notes.

Door to CT Time

Calculated from the Patient Arrival Time and CT Scan Time the Providers record into their consult notes.

Door to Consult Time

Calculated from the Patient Arrival Time and the time to consultation process.

Provider Response Times

Times are recorded on the Providers Response time averaged for each doctor and the network average.

Call Volumes

Reports show call volumes for each hospital in network and overall network.


Reports show the patient transfer totals and treatment types for critical care patients.

Real-time Reporting and Quality Metrics

TeleMedTrack was designed from the ground up to capture the collected data and activity within the application and make it available for real-time and robust reporting. Reports can be generated to understand and gain insight into the efficiency of the telemedicine program, staff responsiveness and overall processes.

  • Drill down to Provider and facility levels for detailed evaluation
  • Graphical reporting of network activity and trends
  • Compose and download timely reports for presenting and sharing
  • Detailed logging of all activity with audit trails

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